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Date & Time features

This timetable maker is based on a weekly template. It can display up to seven weekdays in any elective order. The length of each weekday can be changed from one up to 24 hours in any given order.

This tool supports both the 12-hour and the 24-hour time format. Furthermore it's also possible to show dates for all weekdays.

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Background images

For those that wants to personalize their schedules, we've recently added a background feature.

Users can choose from our default background images our upload their own. These images can then be resized and repositioned.

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Customizable objects

Each timeobject/class that is added to a schedule can be changed in multiple ways. The start and end time can be selected within the set time interval down to the exact minute.

Each timeobject also contains an optional title and description. The font size, color and text alignment are all customizable for the text in the descriptions and titles for these timeobjects.

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Sharable & editable schedules

A finished or semi finished timetable can with a click of a button be published to the website. This option will create a new schedule page with a private link.

Anyone who accesses this link can view the timetable. Those with a password may also make new changes to the schedule.

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"After trying several paid software, our school finally found SBO. We like their course schedule planner tool which facilitates the planning of all our courses."